Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bordeaux 2005

Rob Landsness

Robert Parker will release new scores on Bordeaux 2005 soon and many are asking two questions...

1) Which estates will receive the coveted 100 point score that will guarantee a price increase and scarcity on the market

2) Across the board, how much will prices rise and will that indeed raise the prices of top Bordeaux from previous vintages?

My predictions for 2005 Bordeaux, the top scoring wines that may be pushed into the 100 pt horizon:

Haut Brion
Cheval Blanc

From all accounts this was not a year in which Latour stood above the pack of top performers. Margaux on the other hand seems poised for greatness as well as Pavie-- at a fraction of the price of Petrus (though no longer affordable for the masses by any means).

Angelus seems to be going from strength to strength and it seems to be an incredible value still. By Friday? Maybe not...

I think it is easy to see that the continued rising prices of '05 will have people looking back and snapping up earlier vintages like 2000, 1996, 1995, 1990, and others. Why wait 10-20 years when you can open several top wines from those vintages now?

Another observation....the Rob Rosania auction pushed many Champagne prices to new heights last Friday. According to today's email:

The Top Ten lots were dominated by Burgundy and as follows:

371 12 bottle 1962 Chambertin A. Rousseau $96,800.00
42 2 bottle 1959 Dom Perignon Rose $84,700.00
376 10 bottle 1962 Chambertin Clos de Beze, Rousseau $78,650.00
523 6 bottle 1999 Romanee Conti DRC $78,650.00
524 6 bottle 1999 Romanee Conti DRC $78,650.00
199 6 magnum 1961 La Mission Haut Brion Graves $72,600.00
367 12 bottle 1949 Chambertin A. Rousseau $72,600.00
380 12 bottle 1971 Chambertin Clos de Beze, Rousseau $54,450.00
509 1 bottle 1945 Romanee Conti DRC $54,450.00
368 1 Jeroboam 1949 Chambertin A. Rousseau $50,820.00
373 12 bottle 1966 Chambertin A. Rousseau $50,820.00
244 12 bottle 1989 Chateau Petrus Pomerol $48,400.00

Krug 1996 would be my pick to buy. Yes it did increase dramatically, 30%+ since March, but wait a little longer and it will seem a bargain in 6-12 months at the current price. Yes they will be drinking lots of Bordeaux in China this summer, but I would be surprised if Champagne wasn't consumed in massive quantities. Also note that the number 8 is lucky in Chinese culture, there will be many celebrations on 8-8-08 including weddings, and it will be an ideal time to open up top wines over there....

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